Boxers Are Not Good Dogs for You: 24 Proven Reasons

Oh, so you’re considering a boxer? Imagine a creature that combines the grace of a wrecking ball with the stealth of a bull in a china shop. These four-legged, wiggle-butt disasters are sure to spice up your monotonous life by testing the durability of everything you own.

Get ready to redefine ‘personal space’ and learn all the ways your new shadow with paws can turn your world delightfully upside down. Who needs calm and quiet when you can have a boxer, right?

Reason #1: Boxers demand luxury bubble baths, leaving you no choice but to schedule your showers around their spa time.

Reason #2: Boxers have such poor table manners, they’ll steal your chips right off your plate and look adorable doing it, forcing you to share every snack forever.

Reason #3: Boxers can’t resist turning tire swings into their own personal belly-hug hammocks, leaving the kids to wonder why their playground has gone to the dogs.

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