24 Proven Reasons Poodles Are Not Good Dogs

With their over-the-top style and dramatic flair, poodles have clearly missed the memo on being man’s best friend. They’re busy rewriting the rulebook on dog behavior, one ridiculous outfit, and sassy side-eye at a time.

So, buckle up as we dive into the lives of these four-legged, high-maintenance fluffballs who are absolutely terrible at being just regular dogs.

Reason #1: Poodles Clearly Can’t Handle the Luxurious Life of a Dog Bed

Instagram / @jasonglennmusic

Reason #2: Poodles, Now Attempting to Take Over Our Jobs With Their ‘Vast’ Tech Knowledge

Instagram / @oscarlikhaller

Reason #3: Poodles Apparently Think They Can Outdo Humans with Just One Adorable Tilt

Instagram / @oscarlikhaller

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