Schnauzers Are Not Good Dogs for You: 24 Proven Reasons

Welcome to the definitive guide for the uninitiated on why Schnauzers are the absolute worst choice for… well, anyone. If you’re looking for a quiet, boring life, free of charm, sass, and spontaneous fashion shows, you’ve come to the right place.

Buckle up as we embark on a journey through 24 undeniable reasons why these furry little dictators will wreak adorable havoc on your life.

Reason #1: Schnauzers are known for their terrible teamwork skills, as clearly, no one taught them that countertops are off-limits

Reason #2: Clearly, Schnauzers have no sense of personal style. I mean, who else would willingly dress up as a minion?

Reason #3: They’ll shamelessly beg for treats with those ‘puppy dog eyes’ – and you’ll be powerless to resist. Who needs that kind of manipulation?

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